Join Shayna Hiller and Natalie Kashani in the most beautiful place in the world for a one of a kind retreat experience designed especially for the ladies. This retreat is an opportunity for women to connect on a deeper level not only with fellow sisters but also with their own sensuality and enjoyment of being in the body. This is a retreat to celebrate the senses, dive into the mystery and magic of being a woman, to come together as healers and share in a safe sacred space of conscious women.

DATES: September 21-27, 2017


Do you feel that there is more potential available for you in your life? An untapped inner channel that you could unlock if you had the key?

If so, you’re not alone. The evolution of women over the past few decades has proven to be successful yet complex.

We seek a fulfilling career, nourishing relationships, optimal health and outlets to express our creativity and unique talents.  Tis delicate interweaving of life can prove to be a joyful dance and difficult to establish and maintain.

It is common to feel overwhelmed by this juggle and unsure how to direct your energy in a way that feels grounded and balanced.

Or perhaps your soul is yearning to express itself through creative work that will positively impact other people’s lives but you don’t know how to start making your passion into a reality.

Or perhaps you feel lonely or misunderstood despite having people in your life who care about you.

Or maybe you desire more meaningful intimacy in your life and often find yourself in a similar cycle that results in frustration and disappointment.

If any of this rings a bell, take a deep breath and know that you are in the right place!

Everything you are doing required a tremendous amount of strength. And you shouldn’t have to do it alone. It requires support and a tribe. We all benefit from the wisdom of a group and the opportunity to hold each other accountable for stepping into our purpose in this life.

This is why I am offering a women’s only retreat in Bali September 21-27, which is a unique opportunity for you take a step back from your daily routine and dive into an experience with like-minded women on a similar journey of self-discovery, evolution, health and empowerment.

Here, you will spend a week in one of the most spiritually rich environments in the world getting in touch with your truest desires, awakening and unlocking dormant creative energy through yoga and sensual dance, indulging your senses with spa treatments and healthy delicious food, and connecting with a tribe of life-long sisters and supporters who truly see you.

You will return home not only rested and more connected to your center but READY to step courageously into your full potential.

You will learn…

-Conscious eating meditations

-How to balance intuition with logic

-What is sensuality?

-What is Shakti and the Divine Feminine?

-Yoga as a means for purification and detox

-How to trust your highest self 

-How to access inner power and self-confidence

-Sacred sensual dance as a means of reclaiming your Goddess power

-How to balance your inner masculine with your inner feminine

-How to increase pleasure in your life

-Self-love as a practice

-Tantra, the path of conscious indulgence 

-Strengthening (and celebrating) your body

-The keys to creating anything you want in life

-How to attract more nourishing love into your life

-Discover your purpose

-How to live from your heart

Our bodies hold the keys ancient wisdom. Learn how to tap into your inner healing potential through mindful eating, yoga, spiritual talks, dance therapy, spa sessions, and much more…
This retreat will touch on the feminine aspects of receptivity, conscious indulgence and self-love as a means for personal transformation, improved health, greater self-confidence and a life filled with purpose, magic, and divine bliss. And no better place to invite yourself than to BALI — the island of the Gods…

Energy Exchange:

Shared Room (Triple): $1,900 per person

Shared Room (Double): $2,150 per person

Single Room: $2,600 per person

      *Bring a friend and save $100 each!!!*

Please leave your deposit here.

*Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot.

Space is extremely limited for this intimate adventure.

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All-Inclusive Offerings:

  • Airport Transfer for same-day arrival and departure
  • 6 Nights Accommodation
  • Breakfast and Lunch daily
  • Welcome and Goodbye Dinner on-site
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Pool
  • Yoga and yogic philosophy by Shayna
  • Tantra talks by Shayna
  • Dance movement therapy by Natalie
  • “Awakening your sensual being” talk by Natalie
  • Balinese Priestess Water cleanse
  • Balinese offering ceremony
  • 1.5 hour Balinese Massage therapy

Optional Add ons:
– Personal nutrition counseling
– Pole dance therapy
– Personal training
– Holistic health consultations
– Extra spa services

Your Guides:

Shayna Hiller. CHC, RYT is an author, wellness coach and yoga instructor based in Venice Beach, California. Having radically transformed her life through mindful eating and yoga, she is passionate about supporting people in overcoming eating disorders, re-discovering their sensuality, manifesting their desires and managing stress.

After nearly a decade of devoted study, teaching and personal experience regarding the interplay between nutrition, yoga, tantra and meditation, Shayna continues to fuel her offerings with new perspectives and unique offerings for personal development, self-discovery and optimal health. Shayna has over 500 professional training hours through Nosara Yoga Institute. She is also a board certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Shayna hosts wellness retreats and workshops worldwide throughout the year.

Natalie Kashani is a vivacious, motivating and positive force when it comes to freeing yourself. This zesty and fun-loving mom-preneur of two is an advocate for women’s health through the exploration of sensuality and movement.

With a 12-year professional life in the fitness industry and a personal journey overcoming depression and anxiety, she is your personal cheerleader in overcoming your fears to unlock your true potential.

Natalie has lived and shared in over three continents and is a self-made love and lightaholic.  After graduating in Physiology from George Brown College , CA and working in athletics and personal training she became an innovator and entrepreneur starting new creative ways in women’s fitness methods. With her love and passion for dance forms and performance arts she created a holistic and artful system for the body that became her signature: The Art of Body Studios were born is 2008 on the island of the Gods where she also met her soulmate. After giving birth to her first child, she experienced post-partum depression and struggled with getting her mind and body back into shape. One day she discovered pole dancing on the internet and experimented with different shapes and poses. Pole dance and movement therapy became her calling as it brought so much healing. She believed to share this knowledge with all women and founded Pole Studio Bali in 2012. Natalie offers a safe space for anyone willing to laugh and flirt.