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Don't Judge Me By My Cover by Shayna Hiller

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Shayna Hiller, C.H.C, R.Y.T. is a health coach, retreat leader, spoken poet, author and yoga instructor based in Los Angeles.

She is a one-of-a-kind coach who provides effective methods for integrating mind, body, and spirit. She supports people who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and ready to gain mastery over their health and release habits that do not align with their ultimate vision, personally and professionally. She is an ideal medium between a friend, mentor and a doctor. Her approach dives deeper than mainstream coaching in order to gently reveal and ultimately extinguish the underlying cause of health imbalances.

Shayna’s teachings stand out, as they are a blend of many ancient and modern healing modalities instead of just one. She offers cutting edge personal development programs for total healing and personal breakthrough. She specializes in assisting clients with a desire to love their bodies, eliminate self-doubt and shame, manage stress, feel more confident, discover their purpose and lose excess weight. After all, it’s all connected. Utilizing the body’s natural healing potential in conjunction with lifestyle improvements, health can be brought back to the balance it is seeking.

Shayna guides retreats worldwide throughout the year, offers lectures and workshops across the country, leads group and private yoga classes, and specializes in individual and corporate health and wellness coaching. Her extensive knowledge of nutrition, yogic philosophy, meditation and tantra has led her to deeply inspire and educate her clients as to how to understand and trust themselves and use their senses mindfully in order to experience the bliss they seek.

What others say about Shayna Hiller

Susan Beischel

Shayna has a vast professional knowledge and uses proven methods that get results. I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks eating 3 real meals, including snacks a day. Shayna’ s the real deal.

Susan BeischelFounder and OwnerSkin Worldwide
Donna Perrone

I admire Shayna’s example and extensive knowledge on wellness. People love working with Shayna because she brings the body, mind and spirit into her counseling. She is a radiant example of wellness and can inspire anyone to transform their life!

Donna PerroneOwnerGravity East Village
Joshua Rosenthal

Shayna’s knowledge of food, health and healing is deep and personal. Her methods are unique and highly effective.

Joshua RosenthalFounderInstitute For Integrative Nutrition
Cyrus  Sigari

There are three Shaynas: Shayna the teacher – a teacher dedicated to helping every one of her clients reach their goals – whatever it may be: spiritually, physically, sexually, or otherwise . Shayna the person – Shayna the person is one of the kindest and brightest human beings you will ever meet. Shayna the practitioner – Shayna wakes up every morning with a student’s curiosity of the world, always searching for more answers to the never ending questions that confront all of us.

Cyrus SigariPresident jetAVIVA
Nikki Sharp

Shayna is like no other yoga teacher I’ve had. Her classes are filled with spirituality, beautiful yoga flows, words of wisdom, interesting stories that she always manages to relate to what you might be going through, and laughter. She is a rising star and one to watch out for!

Nikki Sharp Author, Wellness Entrepreneur


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